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PEACE OF MIND Tea Blend 🌙 10 Servings ✦ Ingredients ✦ 💚 Earl Grey leaves 💚 Lavender Buds ✦ BENEFITS ✦ This is a caffeinated blend, for a little lift me up during the day while bringing in the relaxing energetics of lavender. Most flavorful blend, enjoy with some honey & little splash of your milk of preference. ✦ Packaging / Quantity ✦ With your order you will Receive 1 (one) bag of loose leaf Handcrafted Tea Blend. The content in the bag will make approximately 10 cups of Tea. ✦ Preparation ✦ Use 1 level teaspoon per 8 oz. water. Instructions: Place loose leaf tea in your tea strainer of choice, then put it in your favorite mug. Boil water in your tea kettle (remove right before it boils for green and white tea), then remove from heat. Pour over the tea and let steep for 3-10 minutes. 💖 add milk and honey for a little extra flavor. Nurture your Self from inside out 🌱🙏