House Cleansing Herbal Oil 10 mL 100% Pure

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House Cleansing Herbal Essential Oil Blend House Cleansing Oil is a gentle, intuitive oil made to protect and bless your new or existing residence from negative and harmful energies. This oil is comprised of a beautiful mixture of herbs associated with peace, protection, intuition, and divinity such as rosemary, cherry blossoms, and mint, among others. It is scented similarly to orchids, a flower for peace. This oil is best used to anoint white candles with, or to use on your door ways and windows. In addition, you may place a few drops into your bathwater for a cleansing blessing bath. Order includes 10 mL bottle of therapeutic-grade essential oil made with a blend of natural extracts to help you unwind and relax. Can also be used in candles and soaps. ESSENTIAL SPACES: Ideal for essential oil diffusers in homes, kitchens, offices, medical and wellness centers, and even for mobile use in the car. 1 Bottle contains 10mL