Go Away Evil Herbal Oil 10 mL 100% Pure

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Go Away Evil Herbal Essential Oil Blend A herbal oil blend specifically handcrafted to help protect you from "evil". Good for banishing evil spirits. Usage: Driving Away Evil, Driving Away Wrong Doers, Banishing Those Who Are Unwelcome in Your Home/Business, Block and Send Back Evil, Rid Negatives. It can be used in association with candles, talismans and amulets, puppets, or simply to act on the aura of the magician. Usage: Anoint (rub on) candles, amulets, jewelry, crystals, rocks, altar tools, and MORE to help bring the intended effects! Order includes 10 mL bottle of therapeutic-grade essential oil made with a blend of natural extracts to help you unwind and relax. Can also be used on hair or skin, as well as in candles and soaps. 1 Bottle contains 10mL