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With all this transitional energy happening astrologically and all around us, it can make us feel drained, weak, unmotivated, and it can take quite a toll on your home and the people living in it. The home is a place where you should feel protected, at peace, and feel the energy of love and happiness. The home is a safe haven from the harsh outside world. But sometimes our home can feel just as harsh as the world around us, and arguments, frustration, depression, fatigue, etc. can result. This is why I created the home healing blend: to restore the energy of the home, heal and mend the wounds of the home and the people in it.

I created a blend of 7 sacred herbs to work in unison to restore the energy of your home. The blend encourages peaceful communication and deep healing.

Prior to lighting, you can hold the candle in your hands and envision your intentions flowing into the candle to further strengthen your Magick. These are triple scented and give amazing scent throw.

Scent profile: a lovely blend of amber and a hint of eucalyptus which are both known to heal, cleanse, and restore.

Crystals: rose quartz and blue calcite

I added Reiki energy and symbols to each candle to strengthen the effectiveness of them as well.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Coconut Wax
Double Wick
16 oz. Candle