Cotton Rose Scented Candle| Coconut Wax Candle |Rose Quartz| Wood Wick Candle| Ritual Candle

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Cotton Rose, wood wick candle poured by Hummingfox into 8oz and 4oz mason jar.


Cotton Rose Scented candles are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, baths, or your daily meditation ritual candle. This pour-fect Coconut wax candle has a delicate scent of clean cotton and pink rose released by the warm wood wick. This candle promotes love thanks to its rosebuds and rose quartz chips.

Humming Fox products are hand made with all-natural ingredients, supporting the earth. We ask that you please reuse or recycle containers after use.

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Coconut wax, wood wick, rose essential oil, cotton essential oil, pink dried rosebuds, and rose quartz chips

Height: 4 Inches;
Width: 2.5 Inches approx
Weight:1lb and 5 oz Jar and candle