Brazillian Silver Obsidian Bracelet

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High quality, cube, and bead shape


Here is some information on the material that I found online

Silver Sheen Obsidian is a powerfully protective stone that helps you to see the truth. Highly spiritual, its vibration opens a window to your soul so to speak & helps you reflect on what is needed for your spiritual evolution & advancement. Other metaphysical information about Silver Sheen Obsidian includes the following:

clears & purifies any negative energy
helps you see & understand your inner self
helps you see yourself as others might see you
helps you see to the root of problems & the core of situations
enables you to make any changes that are necessary to align with your soul purpose
connected to your Root & Third Eye Chakras
enhances & deepens meditation
helps you to be grounded, especially during meditation
helps to alleviate & release your deepest unconscious fears
enhances patience & perseverance
brings out your inner beauty
helps to eliminate ego conflicts
the perfect crystal for crystal gazing or scrying
can reduce the occurrence & pain from muscle spasm
assists in the removal of toxins from your body
when used in healing, can give you information that can be used to change the course of dis-ease.